Cancellation made by may cancel your trip in case of any administrative, hotel problem, any riot, and any disturbance at location you booked. In that condition we will reached to you for further assistance and we will help you out for further assistance to finalise other holiday destination. In that case if you cancel your trip then it will not be treated as consumed trip or holiday. But you have to complete your holidays in membership term period.

Cancellation made by customers

In case if any member cancel holiday trip with in period of month of commencement of trip then this trip cannot be carry forward for next trip and this trip will be treated as consumed holiday trip. Any member cannot change his destination after holiday request submitted before six month. Any member can cancel his holiday trip before ONE MONTH OF commencement of holiday (specifically 31 days) in that case members trip will not be treated as consumed and that can be avail in near future in applicable year or it can be avail during the membership term year.