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The Classic Hotel

"The Classic Hotel is located in the central part of Imphal City. It overlooks the historic Kangla Fort, which was the ancient administrative capital of Manipur in the heydays of the Maharajas of Manipur, until it came under the British Rule in 1891. Bestowed with modern amenities and pleasant surroundings, the hotel welcomes you to host special meetings and rest and dine as well. Out here we intend to make it a point to create positive and lasting impressions.

The Classic Hotel, a three Star Category and an ISO 22000:2005 certified hotel is a unit of BABINA Healthcare and Hospitality Industries Pvt. Ltd. It endeavours to provide premium hospitality services and world class food and stay. Equipped with the best facilities, your comfort and convenience is given top priority, The Hotel also offers Traditional Handloom and Handicraft boutique that could be bought as souvenirs, to take along with you to share the fond memories of your visit.

The hotel is easily approachable from various directions. Either you are on business or pleasure trip it serves as a nodal point to start your day. The hotel is just 8 km from the Imphal International Airport and it is only few minutes’ drive to government offices, cultural centres and the Inter-State bus station. Only when you visit our hotel, you will experience and appreciate the special treatment and personalised services that we provide to our guests."

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