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Tokyo Palace Hotel

HOTEL TOKYO PALACE is a gorgeous but reasonable bed and breakfast hotel opened in 2010 in Jaisalmer, the ”Living Musiem” city of West-end of Rajasthan, India. Jaisalmer is one of the acient prosperous city receiving benefits from camel caravan, Middle Ages land route trade. The city keeps the last remaining fort where people are still living. Our hotel locate just 5 minutes waking distance to south-side of the fort and the main market. And only 1 hour route distance to Thar Desert (Great Indian Dessert) where we can enjoy the Camel Safari.The hotel facade was made by Golden marble, which exists only in Jaisalmer, with traditional engraving. The gorgeous design was inspired by ”HAVELI” (a house of ancient jaisalmer millionaire merchants) and the delicate workmanship had taken over two years.


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