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Hotel Shyam Farm

"tay in absolute luxury at 'Hotel Shyam Farm House' at Gir National Park in Gujarat in Western India.

'Hotel Shyam Farm House' offers unique stay that compliments forest adventure and rustic jungle life.

Experience comfort & style on wildlife safaris never before.

The surrounding forest has very diverse flora and fauna, some of them can only be found in this environment. A night at 'Hotel Shyam Farm House' is a unique experience; the temperatures drop, campfires create a romantic and warm atmosphere in which to share travel tales and the forest and its inhabitants form an exciting concert that accompanies visitors through the night.

Enjoy the true Jungle experience with the best of accomodation and culinary services.

Why Hotel Shyam Farm...?

When you are coming to GIR, you deserve to live into forest.
Staying on commercial road side hotels with commercial traffic take away the basic element of your visit - that is visit to forest.
Shyam Farm is a unique place to stay in GIR Forest. Being located at very strategic place and by sharing exact boundaries with GIR forest range – Shyam Farm is ONLY resort providing such breathtaking experience of luxury living within the forest.
One can certainly enjoy the fresh morning and thrilling nights.

Following are the basic advantages possible only when you are staying at Hotel Shyam Farm.

Only Resort sharing boundaries with the forest.
You can enjoy sheer silence of core forest which is only broken some time by Roaring of lion.
Get the thrill of sleeping on Machan. (optional)
Swimming Pool.
True Masai (African Tribe) Dance in the evening. (optional)
Tracking into Mango Orchard.
Just 8km away from Sasan.
Package includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Campfire in winter."

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