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Sonar Bangla

Puri is a fine tapestry of everything beautifully stitched together. Apart from vast expanse of waterbed rolling its way to meet the blue horizon, towering temple of Lord Jagannath, Puri is also famous for its architectural magnificence, rich cultural heritage and several sightseeing spots dotting all over the city. Hotel Sonar Bangla warmly welcomes all the Puri-bound travelers into its sprawling premise and majestic building.

Being situated on the New Marine Drive, the hotel is well connected to the highway and only 35 km away from the famous Konark Temple. It is within 65 km from the nearest airport in Bhubaneswar. The nearest Puri railway station is within a stone throwing distance implying easy accessibility of our hotel from every route. Hotel Sonar Bangla is standing right on the sea beach with all rooms almost craning over the blue water body and always offering a visual treat for the travelers.

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