Simply Big

  • As per norms of 3 star hotel
  • 5 star Hotels
  • 7 days per year
  • 2 Adult / 2 Minor
  • 70 days and Valid for 10 Year
  • Tax Included
250000 INR.(Tax Included) Book Now


Base Amount
5% TAX


Base Amount
5% TAX

Simply Big Details

This package is for 2 Adult + 2 Minor for 10 years, where 7 days in every year (7 Days and 6 Nights) and in totality it will be 70 days in Five year.

The attractions of this package are giving below:-

For example - If you want to go with your friends at any destination with SMT criteria. And you have seven days in balance then for example you can plan 3 days with one more family members and you are not suppose to give any extra payment. You will get same facility for three days for two families.

  • You can go for 7 days trip and will avail three starrer hotels facility.
  • You can split these 7 days in single days or as per your need and planning.
  • You can convert 3 days out of 7 days in business trip and can book 3 days prior intimation and rest of all bookings are required to book 2 month before of your plan.
  • If you want more than 7 days in particular year then also you can go. In that case you have to purchase it. This purchase means you can convert your next year’s 7 days trip in 4 days trip of current year and for that you are not suppose to pay any payment. In this case after availing this 4 days advance facility you cannot go for any trip in next year block from which you converted/ purchased it. This conversion is allowed only for member and it cannot be gifted or transferred.
  • In case if you cannot able to avail your entitled year trip then you can carry forward this for next coming year and you can avail maximum 15 days in any year with carry forward trips.
  • Your package is for 10 year but in case of pending trips you can extend it for next 5 year.
  • In package every year for seven days two adult can go for trip. But we are extending this facility in such a way that you can avail all 7 days in single day by going with 7 friends for a day.
  • Another advantage of this package is that it is 100% transferable so you can extend this package as a gift to anyone known to you.
  • Out of all this benefit if you refer any person for this package then you will be awarded as Reference Bonus as available at the time of purchase.
  • You will also benefited by inflation rate during the package period which is more important.
  • This is all about your package with three star stay along with lots of advantages which you never ever will able to compare with any other’s product.